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Restructuring Scottish Football

It was interesting to note the publication [] regarding the recent plans of the Scottish football authorities with the view to re-structuring the game in Scotland. The implications, of course, are many and capable of creating new dynamics regarding the application of the rules and the effect that such application could have on individual clubs.

The Dangers of Sporting Uncertainty

We are witnessing several new developments in Scottish football almost on a daily basis. Inquiries are many and it is not disputed that fans are confused regarding the future of the game. Scottish football is reaching extremely dangerous heights and the subsequent free fall may be disastrous. The Ancient Greeks used to say that 'with one bad deed, millions of others usually follow'. We all hope that this is not the case here, but decisions need to be made very quickly.

Status and Transfer of Players & the Future of Rangers FC Players

It has been suggested that Rangers FC players are legally obliged to transfer their contractual responsibilities to a new company that would potentially participate in the competitions of the SFA and the SPL. I cannot stress enough how erroneous this contention is. I have recently explained, very clearly, the situation in an interview with the BBC and suggested that the Rangers players are fully protected not only by the law of the land, but also by FIFA's regulatory framework.

The Unbearable Lightness of Football Law: Pride & Prejudice

I have received several inquiries from many fans of the game. It is very encouraging that most people desire a constructive discussion and it is my view that such discussion could help us analyse several issues, particularly those issues that relate to the troubles of Scottish football. 

Tax-Free Sporting Competitions or Lawful Tax Evasion?

This issue deserves special analysis and it is my intention to produce, in due course, a detailed and critical analysis of the fact that major sporting governing bodies enjoy tax-exemption in the countries that organise major sporting events, such as the Olympic Games and the World Cup. It would be extremely helpful if my readers were to produce, as always, their constructive comments on the several points I intend to raise.

The Dark Side of Football and its Bad Advisers

Those who have read my starting posts, must know that this blog offers analysis and critique on all sports law matters. We take no sides here, although a certain section of the footballing society in Glasgow may think otherwise. If you could read the posts carefully, you may realise that the analysis so far has been rather  critical, but fair and reasonable. Make no mistake: Justice is independent and it does not pay attention to club colour or misconceived perceptions about religion and/or politics.

Appeals before the Court of Arbitration for Sport

There has been enormous speculation regarding a possible appeal [or lack of] by Rangers before the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne. I have read several statements, as well as reports by the Media. I am concerned that a significant number of these reports has been quite erroneous and to a certain extent untrue. As a result, the fans mainly, have been placed in a rather prejudicial predicament and they feel that there is some kind of a 'fiddle' involved in the process.

Does Punishment Fit the Crime in Sports Law?

The Rangers matter is now reaching a very crucial stage in terms of legal analysis and a consideration of the application of possible sanctions. Any prediction could be extremely subjective as the regulatory framework of the SFA allows for the application of a wide range of sanctions, including a combination of such sanctions .

State Regulation v Self Regulation and the Scottish Football Example

I would like to share some thoughts with all of you, without going into great detail. It is not my intention to predict the outcome of the disciplinary process against Rangers FC. It would not be appropriate for the administration of justice. But some facts need to be considered and such consideration needs to touch upon the relevant rules currently in place.