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Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

It is Christmas Evening and I would like to take the opportunity to send my best wishes for health, happiness and prosperity to all of you who have supported this blog so far.  I am, indeed, privileged to have received so many constructive comments, in relation to the content of my several posts. We have had some interesting discussions and we have analysed some of the most important developments in sports law. Let's hope that the New Year would allows us to explore further sports law issues and ensure that our contribution could assist the stakeholders in the sporting world. I thank you again for your support, throughout and I would like to extend my best wishes to ALL of you for Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year, with Health, Happiness and Prosperity. Merry Christmas Everyone! Dr. Gregory Ioannidis 24 December 2012

The Financial Future at Celtic Park: An Open Discussion

This is a very important topic and I would invite all fans to raise their views, regarding the financial future of Celtic Football Club. It is my intention to analyse, here, some personal views and set the basis for what, I hope, would be a constructive discussion. I emphasise the point that these are only my personal views and they do not relate, nor are they linked, to any other official views that may exist within the club.