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BOA v WADA: CAS to announse its reasoned decision today

British Media have been reporting that BOA have lost their appeal against WADA. At 15:00, UK time, today we will know whether this is true or not. Whatever the result, it shall be extremely interesting to read CAS' reasoned decision, which I am pretty certain it would centre around two issues: 1) Eligibility and 2) Participation.

Celtic FC: Champions of Scotland

I am diverting slightly from the specific theme of my blog to pay tribute to the Champions of Scotland. Although Celtic were confirmed as champions a few weeks ago, the game today against Rangers also confirmed the East End side's superiority. Credit has to be given to Rangers FC for turning up and displaying a good performance in the first twenty minutes. I couldn't help noticing, however, that the Rangers players looked mentally exhausted. It is not difficult to identify the reasons for this, as the future of the club looks bleak. Uncertainty and pessimism are now ruling Rangers, because of the unacceptable and poor fiscal decision making.

Celtic v Rangers: Two Clubs with One Reason to Unite a Nation

Celtic v Rangers: Two Clubs with One Reason to Unite a Nation Some of you may come to the conclusion that I am not the best person to write about the two great clubs in Scotland. Perhaps you are right. I was not born in Scotland, I am not Scottish and I do not have a Scottish accent, although I can produce, I am told, an excellent imitation of Sean Connery's voice! Character references aside and despite my declared affiliation with Celtic FC and the unconditional support for this great club, I shall maintain my independence towards approaching the issues in this post. Remember that this is an academic forum and all views must be respected and constructively analysed.

Sports Law Analysis on Current Issues

Sports Law Analysis on Current Issues  Thank you all for the initial comments and your kind wishes regarding my new blog. Your kind words have certainly increased my appetite for further posts regarding this exciting area of law. It is my intention to critically analyse various current developments in sports law and, where possible, to offer my readers with an insight that would not, otherwise, be available to the public.

Welcome to the World of Sports Law

Welcome to the World of Sports Law This is my first ever post.  I would like to welcome you all to what I hope it will be an exciting, informative and comprehensive blog. Almost 30 years ago, a new legal discipline appeared in the UK. Its presence was embraced with several different views and opinions. Some of them were opinions of excitement and celebration. Others were accompanied with curiosity. And some others with concern and disbelief: "There is no such thing as Sports Law" many uttered.