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Harry Maguire's Biggest Defensive Role: The Law of the Land

  The present post will inevitably divert considerably from its sports law nature and will focus on an analysis of a foreign legal system (Hellas), with reference, mainly, to procedural  matters. Where relevant, the author would touch upon the disciplinary law elements that could allow the reader to formulate a more comprehensive view about the relevant issues, within the wider discipline of sports law. As a disclaimer, the author would like to confirm that he does not currently have a professional relationship with any of the parties in this criminal matter, between the Hellenic Republic and Harry Maguire .  There has been a lot of confusion regarding procedure and practice in this criminal matter and, inevitably, people are left wondering what the true state of affairs is. As a first point in this analysis, it is necessary for the author to confirm that the basis of Hellenic law derives from Roman Law and the modern procedure in the country resembles the Franco-Germanic system. It is